This page provides brief details about having a funeral at Mt. Zion. If you still have questions, please review our full guidelines (above link) or contact our executive associate pastor:

Pastor Anita Stone

317-549-1200 ext. 113



The Funeral Service

Please accept our deepest sympathy in the loss of your loved one. Death is a painful and challenging experience for anyone, so when a loss occurs within our church family, we are here to help ease the burden and assist you through the process. Funeral services held at Mt. Zion are in keeping with the church’s Christian standards and beliefs. The service is considered an act of worship that glorifies God, celebrates the deceased, comforts the family, and affirms eternal life through Jesus Christ. 

Building Availability

Mt. Zion is available for funeral services of members and their immediate family (spouse, parent, or child). The spouse, parent, or child does not have to be a member at Mt. Zion, and the child may be any age, including adult. There is no cost. 


Officiating Minister

The senior pastor serves as the officiant at Mt. Zion funerals. If he is unavailable, he will designate a staff pastor to act on his behalf.


First Steps

Upon the death of a loved one, members should notify the church funeral coordinator as soon as possible to schedule the funeral, review guidelines, and plan the service. 


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